Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid) 2007

It’s been a while since I posted anything in writing; the last one was just a funny comic I found on the net. In addition to that, my photo uploads on my flickr gallery is long overdue.

So, in the spirit of festivities, being in the month of Syawal I thought I’d whip up something.

Now, this year is quite special to mi familia. Why? because everyone balik kampung la thats why!! The past few years there’s always one family missing be it one of my mum’s sisters or brothers away working. This year everyone is back, well save for my cousin in Australia studying his ass off ^_^. Well, there’s one of ‘em every year actually. One single cousin overseas. Had my turn from ‘01 to ‘04. My younger brother might be next in line hahaha.

Moving along. Since everyone is back there’s quite a commotion during 1st Raya. Giving out duit raya this year was a handful. Well, its all in good spirit. The next day we went for bowling at Mahkota Parade. Scored average 126 … T_T…serves me right for fooling around.


My “Cik” (all grandmas in my mum’s family is called in this similar way, my mum included..I dare you call her nenek..hehe) took the opportunity to have a doa selamat for my parents who’s going to Haj’ this year. After tahlil and doa, the servings were on…biryani and masak asam pedas ikan parang (only in Melaka bebeh!!). Get a load of these 3 digging in. Yummmm…


As if everyone is not satisfied with the photo session in their baju melayus and baju kurungs we had another one..freestylaahh!!


I hope next year’s Raya will be as happening as this year’s. By that time I think all our cousins are back from studying, working whatever.

Now, time to hit the open houses!! Miahahahahah

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