My own "Silver Jubilee"

A song I heard,
fast, punchy, jazz fusion
Yoko Kanno is a genius
The Seatbelts are a blast.

Oh, it’s time to rise,
as if the night flew by,
cold shower flowing,
minty fresh breath,
my armor awaits its bearer.

Greetings from the red-eyed serpent,
Wait, it’s gone.
Again it appears as if taunting me,
Vanishes again,
the cycle continues
as I plow through.

Sleepy smiles all around,
as if it rained gold last night,
it did;
Tap, click, tap, click,
hardly any sound else heard,
Less the shrieking laughter
of the cripple; all day

As the daylight ends,
Again I meet the red-eyed serpent;
shining its tail to the road my way,
a place called home,
warm food, cozy bed awaits

Hold on,
Friday night it is,
Dinner lake-side,
Joint tables, glasses astray
smoke rose like the morning fog.

Then one rose,
smiling as she says
Happy Birthday…..

p/s: as you all can see I’m rubbish at “creative” writing…and yeah, it is my birthday today…

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