Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula Press Preview

les' copaque production held a press preview of their first 3d animated film entitled geng: pengembaraan bermula on jan 13 2009 at cineleisure damansara.

being a new addition to the crew, that was my first time watching the whole film instead of snippets as well as in the cinema with full thx surround sound rather than on stereo. i had high hopes for this film frankly saying. and boy did it blew my expectations out of the window. the film is awesome!! the trailers that were put out can't even remotely represent how good and enjoying the film is.

i'm usually a bit critical on films especially on cg/3d animated ones. but i just can't help but to give a 4 thumbs up for this film (yes, thats four thumbs...including those on my feet). yeah i am in the lcp crew but i'm writing this as a viewer and as a malaysian. the storyline is smooth but not dragging, 3d techs are up to par, and the audio...dude, no malaysian made movie has ever came close to geng in terms of audio. not even remotely. sound effects were spot on (although there were comments about the snake's...eh cannot tell...don't want to spoil the movie for you ^_^). the music was engaging and fluid animation makes it even better. the script is solid plus the voice acting was natural.

above all, i really love how the film is "malaysian" and they made it look effortless. the script, setting, jokes, feel...damn i can't really describe it in words but go and watch it when it premiere's on feb 12 2009 and you'll understand what i mean.

really really enjoyed watching this movie and i say this is a must for everyone. even if you don't like the trailer, go and watch...this ain't no "ala, movie malaysia buat..standard aa" kind of film. also, if you do watch it (which i urge you to), watch till the end of the credits. don't ask me why, just do it. trust me


  1. sounds cool!!cant wait to see upin ipin...btul3..hehhehehe!=p

  2. don't forget to bring your family and friends too!! kasi pecah panggung hehe