Sigh T_T

Having some kind of mental block today. Couldn’t get myself to do anything..except watching tv all day long. Nothing interesting was on anyway..just the usual CSI Supreme Sunday on AXN, some movies..oh Batman Begins was on HBO today..gotta love that movie, especially the Batmobile. Cool stuff right there. I think the only interesting channel on Astro to me right now is the newly added Discovery Real Time channel. Being a gearhead and auto fan having a channel that shows automotive programs 24-7 beats everything else. Well, there’s always ESPN…

Tried working on the theme for this blog today as well. Results: zip, nada, habuk apa pun tarak. Root cause: Mental block. Dammit…I even went out for a drive to get some ideas in my head … nothing … ended up getting pissed off at some punk with an over modified k-car (perasan k-car) pancung my lane almost hitting me. Then he went off speeding through a red light…Click! the traffic camera got him. hehehehe padan muke. Moving on..went to the mamak stall, joined some friends for a teh tarik…still no progress..mental block..dammit again.

Well I guess its one of them days…I hope tomorrow will be better tho, ’cause I got a shitload of work to do. Now, time for bed!! Good night world, good bye Sunday, hello Monday..shoot its Monday again…sigh

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