Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage stabilizers…recommended by many, used by many more. What are Voltage Stabilizers you ask? Ok for starters, its not cool to say “voltage stabilizer”… the lingo goes “VS” (or vee ess if you can’t read English letters ^_^ ). Secondly, it’s an add-on to your car.

Yes, your CAR. I’ve had people asking me “why do i need to stabilize the voltage in my car?” and “my battery still ok what? and even worse “my car have voltage aa??”. Let me enlighten you - yes your car do have voltage since it has an electrical system (unless you crank-start your car every morning and your In Car Entertainment (ICE) is your own voice singing Britney Spears tunes). Also, VS do effect your battery’s performance in which it stabilizes the system’s voltage by reducing fluctuations.

With that out of the way, let me tell you that this entry is basically a review..of VS of course. The one I’m using since June and still using. The brand you ask? PIVOT Raizin Hyper Voltage Stabilizer VS-1 (the one in the picture). After a damn easy installation using the very well designed and user-friendly manual, the changes I noticed are:

  • Car starts easier in the morning (twist the key a lot less longer than before)
  • Gear changes smoother - upshifts and downshifts (my car is a 4-speed auto)
  • Small improvement of throttle response when the AC is on
  • HUGE improvement in audio system- deeper bass, undistorted highs and clearer mid-range.
  • Headlamps brighter now

So there’s quite some significant improvement. But it didn’t solve one thing that I would like to be improved - headlamps still flicker when the AC fan kicks in…dammit. Since its brighter now it becomes so obvious.

After all things considered, I do recommend the VS as an add-on to any engine bay. Even new cars. Its not that expensive, easy to install, and the improvements can be clearly seen. One tip tho.. before deciding on a particular VS, take a look at other brands as well..and ask current users what does it do to their rides.

Next on my list - Grounding Cables.

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