Power Ain't Cheap

Something interesting in the news today about car batteries. Price hike!! The Star online newspaper reports that it the price may go up to 20%. Luckily I already changed my battery about a month ago. Maintenance free..no need filling up just check the indicator window..and its lighter too!!. Costs a little bit more than the conventional car battery (about ~RM 30).

Apparently the price hike is due to raw material cost is going up ( and here I thought it’s because the gomen staff naik gaji hahaha). As the car battery is 70% made of lead, it’s affected by the cost increment of raw lead.

Chow said lead prices in July stood at US$3,000 per ton (RM10,440), compared with US$1,275 (RM4,437) per ton in February last year. “

So… change your battery soon!!! and Drive safely!! :D
Read Full Article from The Star Online

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