Proton Persona

Proton revealed the latest of its line yesterday - Persona. In other words, the Gen2 Sedan. Priced in the range of RM44,999 and RM55,800 the new model runs on (sadly) the Campro powerplant not as the expected Campro CPS. I haven’t had the chance to see the actual car itself but from a few reviews I read Proton did a good job with this one. Although it seems that Proton is skimping at some features that should be considered “mandatory” (i.e. Rear brake discs, ABS, Airbags etc) this is a long overdue of the hype of Wira Replacement Model (WRM) which was a designation for the Proton Gen2 (hail the Gen2 !!!!).

Overall design is quite OK looking at how the Persona seems to be shifting towards a more exclusive range with the facelift of the front grill and rear trunk lid. I will reserve my comments on the interior until I have a first hand encounter. The wheels sports a different design from Gen2 (still running on 15″s) which is a nice touch of individuality although I still prefer the “bunga raya” rims tho.

My verdict on this new model? Who cares? Buy it if you like it. I’m a Gen2 driver biatch!!! ^_^

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