The return of “AE86″ - Toyota & FHI teaming up for target release 2010

Romour has it that Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries is discussing the posibilities of reviving the classic Toyota AE86 model. Made popular with the drifting scene and the anime “Initial D”, this rear-wheel drive FR is often dubbed as Hachi-Roku, Japanese for Eight-Six.

Alex Nunez of Autoblog.com writes, quoting from Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper the revival of the AE86 is going to be jointly developed by Toyota and FHI. This 2-door hatchback is said to keep its Toyota badge while having a boxer engine; no more than 2.0 litre, from FHI as its powerplant. The new model is launch target is 2010 with a price tag of Y2,000,000 or RM62,000. Well, considering tax and all (if it ever gets into Malaysia, around RM100,000++). Talks between the two automotive giants will not begin until this Fall.

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