Update: Proton Persona

This is and update to my previous post on the newly launched Proton Persona. Went to a dealer nearby my office after lunch today and I’m pretty impressed by this new model. There was a lot of improvement design-wise and it did address a few of the issues from the Gen.2.

The most obvious one is well the brown-beige colour scheme is replaced with black-grey similar to the Neo. Secondly, they added a glovebox which caused quite a stir in the “glovebox-less” Gen2 as well as the added coin box on the lower-left of the driver side. I’m not very fond of the position tho as you have to reach down to grab change for tolls. Alternative use - put your cigarettes there ^_^ .

This time around Proton did a good job of changing the door handles from the round thing to a more “normal” looking one as well as the door-lock button. Instead of the old stick that vibrates when you drive it is now a solid button similar to Wira’s (if I’m not mistaken). The handbrake handle is not the sword-handle anymore (no more hulu pedang Saber-Rider T_T ).

In addition to the improvements some might think that Proton did skimp on the interior styling particularly on the seats fabric and door-trim design. IMHO Gen2 and Satria Neo sports a more elegant design rather than the Persona but for the Persona it was a good decision. Making the door-trim a lot simpler than of its older brothers will address a lot of quality issues (i.e fitting, vibrations, lose ends etc). I cannot say much about the seats since I was not so impressed by the fabric quality, only the colours.

Overall, I’m on a neutral ground. There are things I like about the car as well as dislikes.

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