Ubuntu? I pon buntu gak!! T_T

Its 4:30am, just got back from my office after a lengthy discussion and working on a huge + urgent proposal. Anymore of that proposal I’d hurl. A warm shower and now I’m just waiting for sahur (late supper) since I’m fasting tomorrow. I hope my dad left me some sup tulang … hehe

I’ve been pondering on and off in regards of doing a Linux conversion for a while now. At first it seemed inconvinient in this Window$ infested world. It’s not the first time as I had one dual boot system with XP and Mandrake; now known as Mandriva in college but trashed it soon after T_T . But after browsing through some of the latest Linux distros here I’m beginning to like how well Linux is structured and the direction its going. 100 distros out there for downloads must mean something positive right?

Break: Sahur time…makan makan…

After looking at most of the major distros (the free ones of course) I found myself referring to Ubuntu quite a number of times. Installation looks easy unlike the hassle I went through installing Mandrake previously. Interface-wise…I have no idea but from the screenshots its the usual GNOME or KDE environment. So, downloading as I’m writing this entry, I’m looking forward to setup another dual boot *fingers crossed* on the ye olde Twinhead laptop that’s lying around under-utilized.

Now, sleep is in order ^_^

Note: I might re-write this entry when I’m not like half-asleep

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