A little update on my progress of my “Linux”ing. Downloaded Ubuntu and burned it on a cd and shoved it in my cd drive. Reboot. Comes out the options for Ubuntu and I selected Install Ubuntu. It ran through the process…still in progress….in progress and suddenly, lo and behold…

“There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.

Some things, such as themes, sounds, and background settings may not work correctly.
The Settings Daemon restarted too many times.
The last error was:
GNOME will start try to restart the Setting Daemon the next time you log in.”

Shit … so I went on the net searching for some answers (and solutions of course). Found out the Ubuntu requires at least 256MB RAM to run the UI properly. RAM on my lappy? 256MB…at post it was a little less than 256MB. What made me curse even more is I didn’t bother checking the system requirements before burning the ISO… T_T.

Back to square one…look for another distro. Need a smaller and lighter on system requirement.

Enter Xubuntu

As before, downloaded, burned, shoved and booted…select Install Xubuntu and waited and it worked!!

Time for some exploring… be back later!!

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