Ey!! Why you SH*T on my car ah?

It is always when I park my ride in the same parking spot at my workplace. It has not happen elsewhere but at this very spot. Surprisingly I am among the very few who gets this “special” present from our feathery friends. One of them was our manager before he resigned (because of the birdy goodiness? Naahh I dont think so ^_^ ). Another is a Toyota if I’m not mistaken. Black color some more..

For all its worth, the winged ones seem to like new cars. 2005 models and up. I do see some older cars (Perdana, Unser, Mercs… ) park in the spot but they don’t get ‘em “door gifts” so to speak. Picky birds la wey…oni want the new cars not poop on old cars, even old merc don’t poop…haiyaa

This one was last week. I haven’t parked in that spot yet this week. Hopefully my “friends” don’t notice me changing parking spots >_<

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