Sungai Gabai Waterfalls

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Waterfall!! yeah!! kebush kebush!!

OK, over-excited a bit. I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometime, so here comes a long overdue post.

Went to Sg. Gabai Waterfalls with some of my buddies yesterday. The main objective of collecting stuff for my yet to be built planted aquarium. You know, stones, rocks, driftwood, plants..the usual stuff. I ended up with some nicely shaped stones...about 10+ of them actually. Small to medium size, since we went quite the height to escape from large crowds and their "waste". So if I were to collect them HUGE rocks bringing them down is gonna be a problem (unless I can toss them in the waterfall and let the water do the work for me.. FORE!!! :D )

Now, the rocks aside, I did bring my camera along (for once) and got a few good shots. It ain't no SLR quality but I think its OK. As long as I'm happy with the pictures right? This shot above was taken on the way up. I was panting quite hard with the thin air and stair climbing (my fitness gone already maaa), so there was a bit of shaking. But I did manage to minimize the shake even with a camera with no vibration compensation.

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