Colorstrology: What color are you?

Okay, I don't give much attention to astrology unless it amuses me somehow. Colors are pretty common in astrology of which I often find my date of birth associated with the color green or hues of it. But Pantone's Colorstrology website gave me this - "Grape Nectar" which means "Complex, Bright, Responsible". "You enjoy learning and want to be stimulated mentally. You have creative ability and will feel most satisfied when you are expressing your unique talents. Your senses are acute and you are aware of your surroundings. Having things of beauty gives you great pleasure. Your personal color embodies strength, passion and preseverence." Well, the description is almost there, but the color is way off. I'm not sure about the "you enjoy learning.." part tho ^_^. Do your birthday's description fits you? Give it a try, maybe you'll discover something new. Now, lets see if I have something in Grape Nectar ...

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