Browsin' with Google Chrome

For those out of the know, Google recently launched a betta..eh BETA version of its browser - Google Chrome. Since I got nothing better to do and rather than feeling bored + sleepy in the office the whole day, (time for a job change I guess?) I took this software for a test run on a XP desktop.

First impression was - Waahh simple gile babi menatang ni!!. Typical of many Google apps it takes the minimalistic approach of things but I can see a lot of thought have been put in this. So, here's my opinions after a few hours of test runs in no particular order. Note: by test runs I mean using the browser as I would use my default browser on a daily basis.

  • Its FREE!!! ok, Firefox is free as well, boohoo.. get on with it.

  • A lot less clutter than the browsers we have gotten used to. Take it as IE or Firefox in full-screen mode. Tabs are positioned up top, no more toolbars that you use like .. psshh.. once a year or so...and status bar is only visible when it needs to be visible (some don't like this tho).

  • Fast and smooth - with all the clutter out of the way, processing power and memory can be used for better content interaction.

  • Better local search using the URL bar and the "home page" lists a number of pages you frequently visit as well as the most recent pages.

  • It has ITS OWN Task Manager!!! Woohoo!!! This, I must rant a bit longer. I do a lot of research and cross references on the web, so most of the time, I would have at least 8-10 tabs running and being accessed simultaneously; (yes, I am that multitasking..too bad I can't read one document with my left eye and another doc with the other and understand both T_T) . If one tab crashes, the whole window crashes. Even with restore features in Firefox, it'll take a while to load with the shared, slow connection I have in the office. With an internal task manager, I can pinpoint which tab that crashes and just shut that one down. No more restarting the browser ^_^ yeay!!

  • Incognito browsing - this cool feature enables you to leave no footprints or traces of your whereabouts on the local browser. Good for a shared computer or a public terminal. Don't want your spouse/other half/girlfriend/best friend to know about the surprise party you're planning no? This feature can also be exploited for other purposes which I will leave them to your imagination ^_-

  • Options - in the options section it does make it really simple by having few, but useful, settings that you can change. Those used to customizing and tweaking their software might find this a bit limiting. Personally I don't see much tweaking is needed since there's not much to begin with!! Although I find a color changer / skins will be much appreciated.
Well, thats all I have in my mind right now. Not as much as one would expect from a software review tho *_*. Overall I think its farkin' awesome, even tho its still a betta...eh, BETA release. Definitely worth a try, so go ahead a download a copy and experience it yourself. Happy Browsing ^_^

(image from Google Chrome site, edited by yours truly)

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